The video conferencing industry has adopted the notion that “good enough is good enough.” But it’s not — not for your business, not for your first impression and not for your mission-critical relationships. Your ability to communicate effectively is what drives your company forward, from what it is to what it can be.

Lifesize is transforming the experience of communication for the modern workplace, redefining the expectations for video conferencing technology and empowering global teams to be more connected, productive and engaged. The next generation of Lifesize is 10X better than anything you’ve ever seen.

Introducing Lifesize Icon 700

The 4K global cloud service architecture and the Lifesize® Icon 700 conference room solution with full-motion 4K content sharing provide the most captivating meeting experience ever. Paired with crystal clear audio from the Lifesize® Phone HD™, Lifesize is revolutionizing the way you meet with an experience that’s immersive, intuitive and built to fit seamlessly in your existing workflows. Subscribe for updates and receive news and preorder details as they become available.


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See what the analysts are saying:

“The company that introduced the first HD-capable video conferencing system is now taking things to the next level. At a time when many solutions are sacrificing quality of experience in favor of cost, Lifesize is taking the opposite tact by providing full motion 4K video and content sharing. The combination of these latest offerings and the company’s field-proven cloud service will pave the way for new use cases where the combination of ease of use and high resolution are a must.” 

 — Ira M. Weinstein, managing partner, Recon Research 

“Lifesize has invested heavily in developing a cloud-based offering capable of delivering enterprises with a truly seamless conferencing solution. The addition of their new Icon 700 builds upon their reputation for quality and is capable of providing a rich 4k experience that provides enhanced collaboration to users through the joint development of the hardware and the service. We expect these new offerings to be well received by the company’s global partner ecosystem as an opportunity to offer new, valuable solutions to their enterprise customers.” 

 — Tim Gelardi, MZA 

“Customer requirements for video conferencing solutions are evolving to require not only higher quality and reliability, such as with the 4K capabilities being offered by Lifesize, but they are also looking for overall higher value. We see a trend in the industry that the quality of the customer experience continues to improve with new technology, while the price points continue to come down to be more competitive.” 

 — Rich Costello, Senior Research Analyst, IDC  

“Mediocre user experiences are no longer acceptable to today’s digital users. The new Lifesize Icon 700 conference room solution is raising the bar in user experience. With engaging lifelike 4K video and content sharing combined with rich audio and the reliability and simplicity of Lifesize Cloud, we anticipate this solution will be very well received in the market.” 

 — Roopam Jain, Industry Director ICT, Frost & Sullivan