Once a video conferencing hardware system has been deployed within an organization, it doesn’t take long for users to become dependent on it as a key tool for internal and external collaboration. This is when the real work for IT begins. It is expected that IT will be on call 24/7, monitoring all systems and ensuring they are running smoothly and working at maximum capacity. However, with multiple users collaborating via video conferencing all day long, it’s challenging for IT to be in multiple places at once, watching all calls for any issues. Instead, we’re giving IT pros the tools necessary to proactively address any issue as it happens so they can save the day — making them heroes in their own right.

icon health monitoring

We recognize that while it’s IT’s job to keep everything running smoothly, they need heightened visibility into their devices to be successful. Enter Lifesize Icon Health Monitoring, which utilizes data analytics to give IT pros the ability to get systems back up and running before team members even know they’re down. Upon enablement, an organization will have the following added benefits:

  • Proactive Response – Early notification so IT admins can resolve issues before meetings are impacted
  • Complete Control – Know when there’s an issue with a Lifesize® Icon™ anywhere in your organization
  • Simple Experience – 24/7/365 real-time alerts sent to a dedicated inbox or integrated with a help-desk ticketing system

After analyzing what keeps efficient systems up and running, real-time alerts are now triggered, via email to a single address, by any of the below occurrences:

  • Offline – The camera and phone system has been offline
  • Microphone, Display or Camera Disconnected – The respective equipment has been disconnected (e.g., accidentally unplugged)
  • SIP2 Registration Failed – The SIP Registrar 2 has been disconnected
  • High Audio or Video Packet Loss – The call is experiencing audio or video packet loss
  • Critical Audio or Video Packet Loss – The call experienced 100% audio or video packet loss due to a network issue

Lifesize Icon Health Monitoring helps IT be the company hero and spot any issue before anyone’s productivity is impacted. Worry no more — IT to the rescue!

We’ve put together a Lifesize Icon Health Monitoring FAQ in our user community with more details about what is monitored and how notifications are triggered.