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Microsoft Teams is an exceptional tool for persistent collaboration and document sharing within the Office 365® platform. For the more than 13 million active daily Teams users, the Lifesize for Microsoft Teams integration delivers a true-to-life video experience seamlessly integrated into the Teams interface and meeting scheduling workflow. The Lifesize integration adds video conferencing enhancements such as 300-way video calling, integrated 4K conference room systems and 4K screen sharing that you just can’t get with Microsoft Teams alone. Together you get a truly superior communication solution that is the best of both worlds.

Three Benefits of Using Lifesize for Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing

For organizations using Microsoft Teams in addition to dedicated video conferencing solutions in meeting rooms, determining how to best bridge the gap between internal team collaboration and video-based collaboration with external participants can be a challenge.

With the Lifesize integration for Microsoft Teams, there’s no longer a need to keep persistent chat collaboration tools and video conferencing software separate. Businesses not only benefit from a streamlined workflow, they also get a consistent and high quality meeting experience for all their video meetings.

Seamless Integration

With our newly enhanced Teams integration, you can schedule and join Lifesize video meetings right from within the Microsoft Teams app. The Lifesize integration prompts you to reserve an available conference room system or virtual meeting room for your meeting and automatically adds dial-in details to the invitation. When it’s time to meet, you’ll get a Teams notification with an easy “click to join” link.

Get more out of Microsoft Teams by tightly integrating with a modern video conferencing solution inside and outside of your conference rooms. This seamless integration combines screen sharing, video calling, file sharing, persistent chat collaboration and scheduling into one easy-to-use workflow.

Enhanced Video Calling Experience

By integrating Lifesize with Microsoft Teams, you’re now able to meet with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers using the same workflow. Need to include participants that aren’t in your Teams directory? No problem. With Lifesize, anyone can join a video call right from their browser and bypass ever having to download an application to connect.

Video conference calls with Lifesize also benefit from advanced capabilities, including 300-way video calling, permission-based recording and sharing, unlimited audio calling and seamless integrations with our 4K conference room systems to deliver the highest quality meeting experience.

Bring Teams into the Conference Room in 4K

One of the major enhancements made possible through the Lifesize integration for Microsoft Teams is the ability to integrate our 4K meeting room systems and cloud service into your group meeting experience. Through the integration, every video meeting benefits from improved audio and video quality and convenient access to reserving Lifesize conference rooms natively within Teams. Whether you’re scheduling ad-hoc team meetings or connecting multiple physical office locations and third-party organizations, our Microsoft integration will help you get more out of your next group discussion with full conference room system support. The 4K Lifesize quality lets you present your business in the best light possible with lifelike video, full-motion 4K content sharing and crystal clear audio clarity.

Create video meeting spaces out of any sized meeting room with Lifesize room systems for huddle rooms, small to midsized conference rooms, large boardrooms and auditorium all-hands rooms.

How to Schedule a Microsoft Teams Video Conference

Lifesize’s integration with Microsoft Teams makes it easy to schedule a video call and reserve a conference room right from within the Microsoft Teams user interface. Follow these five steps to schedule and host a video call:

1. Install the Lifesize integration from the Microsoft app store (one-time admin installation)

2. Navigate to the Calendar tab in the left-hand navigation and select New Meeting

3. Add a title, location and description for the meeting and click Schedule

4. The Lifesize bot will prompt you to add a Lifesize room system. Use the dropdown to select an available room and click Reserve.

5. Five minutes before your meeting starts, you’ll get a reminder along with a Join Now link. Click the link to join your call from your laptop or join right from the room system reserved in step 4.

How to Send a Video Invite Link to Microsoft Teams

In addition to scheduled meetings, the Lifesize integration also makes it easy to jump into a video call from your 1:1, group and channel discussions. Once installed, follow these three steps to send a video invite link in Microsoft Teams:

1. Click the Lifesize logo in your chat toolbar.

2. Select a virtual meeting room or pick start an instant meeting.

3. Send the generated message and click the Join Now link.

Get Started with Lifesize and Microsoft Teams

Lifesize fits perfectly into your organization’s communication strategy and easily integrates with the Microsoft tools you use every day. There’s no longer a need to manage multiple user directories for collaboration. By enhancing your Microsoft Teams environment with industry-leading video and audio call quality and interoperability from Lifesize, you get a truly superior communication and collaboration experience. The streamlined workflow saves time and leads to more productivity and collaboration at work.

In addition to Microsoft Teams, Lifesize also offers integrations for Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft conference room calendaring, Skype for Business and Microsoft browsers. Schedule a demo to see the integrations in action.