At Lifesize, we’re constantly looking for new ways to redefine and simplify the communication experience. And during a time when lifelike, personal connection from any location is central to a deeper, more authentic way of collaboration and maintaining a sense of normalcy in how we communicate, we’re proud to announce our acquisition of Kaptivo, a leading innovator in digital collaboration.

Both Kaptivo and Lifesize share the core mission of fostering communication experiences that engage and connect people in any location and from any device. Our companies are passionate about removing barriers to collaboration and building capabilities that augment and extend the traditional in-room experience, boosting meeting engagement with purpose-built, secure collaboration tools.

What makes this acquisition especially exciting is that it allows us to accelerate our rate of innovation and provide even more value to our customers through a new advanced collaboration business unit that bridges physical and virtual content from any location, offering more opportunities for remote teamwork, content creation, teaching and learning. Specifically, we’re thrilled to announce the addition of a Kaptivo-powered digital whiteboard application to the Lifesize video conferencing platform, available now for all Lifesize subscription customers.

Augmented whiteboards are a key part of the future of remote collaboration and educational instruction. In fact, according to a report from Nemertes Research, over half of organizations are already using digital whiteboards or plan to use them by 2021. Adding this capability to the Lifesize suite of solutions through Kaptivo is the next step in expanding our collaboration offerings to help organizations work, engage, teach and learn more effectively and naturally, whether employees and educators are at home, at the workplace or in the classroom.

A broad range of natural collaboration solutions

The first Kaptivo-powered advanced collaboration capabilities are already live for all Lifesize subscription customers around the globe. Once we’ve had more time to integrate and align roadmaps, you can expect a range of new solutions to support collaboration — empowering teams to capture, digitize and securely share content across a variety of scenarios.

In a remote work environment like the ones so many of us find ourselves in during this pandemic era, for example, advanced collaboration enables employees across multiple locations to come together and connect on content, from drawings to financial figures. Our advanced collaboration solutions will bring the familiarity of in-person collaboration to remote work, allowing distributed teams to digitize content and collaborate securely on edits and real-time input alongside video, incorporating bidirectional annotation, automatic translation and more.

On the other hand, when organizations can return to the office, meeting rooms will need to support a hybrid workforce with a mix of both in-person and remote collaboration. This requires collaboration capabilities that not only augment, but extend in-room brainstorming, planning and diagramming. Our partnership already allows organizations to outfit any meeting room with collaboration devices, software and systems, now from a single vendor.

Advanced collaboration is critical for success outside the enterprise as well. In the education sector, consistency is key, and replicating the in-classroom whiteboard experience is essential for enabling distance learning. Lifesize and Kaptivo together can support educators’ needs for both one-to-one and one-to-many learning and group collaboration.

And finally, natural communication is vital in contact centers. Equipping a CxEngage Video-enabled contact center with digital whiteboard capabilities allows agents to document and annotate customer-facing content like billing statements and assembly instructions to further streamline and simplify the customer experience in the contact center.

Advancing collaboration together

Lifesize has long elevated collaboration as a focus area, but this is the beginning of a new journey. Together with Kaptivo, we can continue and accelerate our mission of boosting productivity and improving the collaboration experience from anywhere and any device. To learn more about this exciting news, read today’s press release.