Not all meeting rooms are the same — that’s why we make technology for rooms of all shapes and sizes and provide our customers with the tools and features they need to make their meetings great. In this blog, we’re going to focus on the large conference room and boardroom solution.

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Five Features to look for in a boardroom video conferencing solution

The components you’re looking for to equip a smaller huddle room might not coincide with your boardroom conference room needs. Boardrooms are meant for those meetings with executives or important clients — so you might need a little more umph to make sure you’re presenting your best self, every time. Here are a handful of features to look for in your boardroom conferencing solution for your highest-profile meetings.

Easy Installation

By looking for a tool that is plug-and-play ready, you can eliminate relying on your IT team to get your meeting up and running. With an intuitive solution that’s as smart as its end users, you can communicate and collaborate without your technology getting in the way.

Seamless Integration

Finding a boardroom video conferencing solution that plays well with third-party devices can be crucial for meetings that involve clients, customers or guest callers that might not be programmed into your cloud. Make sure your solution supports and integrates well with other devices for easy meeting.

Dual Display Capability

Share your presentation and engage with your audience on screen simultaneously for a truly uninterrupted meeting experience. With dual display, not only do you eliminate distractions — you also get the same meeting experience as if you were in the conference room.


When you’re choosing a tool for your conference room, it’s important to look for the best of the best in the market. Invest in a solution that automatically updates, is customizable to support any type of meeting and is high quality enough to last more than a few years.

Zoom Length

There’s nothing worse than joining a call and seeing all your colleagues on the other end in ant-size! Find a solution that has zoom capabilities that won’t sacrifice image clarity or distort the screen, so you get the full face-to-face interaction you’d get in a smaller conference room.

The Icon 700: Your All-in-One Boardroom Video Conferencing Solution

Recently honored with the 2019 Red Dot Design award, the Lifesize® Icon 700 is the first full 4K video and 4K full-motion content sharing video conferencing solution in the market. By combining lifelike 4K image quality with ultrahigh definition content sharing, the Icon 700 is what you’ve been looking for. Experience a truly unprecedented video communication and collaboration solution dedicated to make your meetings about your meetings — not about the technology you’re using.

Four Reasons the Icon 700 Is Perfect for Large Meeting Rooms

Immersive Experience

The Icon 700 is specifically crafted to enhance your larger team meetings with the ability to connect up to two HD monitor displays. Set one display for in-room presentation sharing and the other display for the active video participant feed. With the dual screen feature, you can share your presentation without sacrificing face-to-face communication with your team. And don’t worry if your meeting room is larger — the Icon 700 has 20x zoom capabilities! 

Audio Quality 

The Icon 700 pairs perfectly with the Lifesize® Phone™ HD, and the easy-to-use touchscreen interface makes joining, controlling and running your meetings truly simple. The phone has built-in camera controls for pan/tilt/zoom as well as noise cancellation featuring Opus audio. You can even add additional MicPods to extend the audio pickup range for the largest conference room tables.

Connected Device

By pairing the Icon 700 with the Lifesize app, your meeting rooms gain all of the features you’ve come to expect from the Lifesize service. From the integrated directory that makes it easy to search for and add users on the fly to the ability to record your meeting with a single click, the Icon 700 is the 4K-quality easy-to-use connected device that brings Lifesize into the large meeting room.

Stronger Communication, Instant Collaboration

Being on screen strengthens communication by cutting out distractions and opportunities to multitask. Being on screen in 4K quality only increases engagement via body language and nonverbal cues to the point that the technology becomes transparent and the conversation hones on the meeting content.

Learn how to design, set up and deploy the perfect meeting room based on your unique needs.


Your team is the best, and they deserve the best. With a 4K Lifesize solution like the Icon 700, put your best foot forward in every conversation. For more 4K video conferencing solutions for rooms of different sizes, check out the rest of the new generation of Lifesize solutions built for the huddle space and the medium-sized meeting room.