Leader in Cloud Computing runs their Global Customer Support on LiveOps
Maynard Webb, CEO

Maynard Webb, CEO

I am pleased to share that salesforce.com recently went live with LiveOps On-Demand Contact Center platform in Japan, Australia and the U.S.  (Europe will be added soon too.)  It may be no surprise that salesforce.com “walks the talk” by running their Global Customer Support organization in the cloud, but the results and the reaction from customers is certainly worth attention.

LiveOps’ solution is tightly integrated with salesforce.com’s Service Cloud, so when a customer calls, the CTI capability pops up on the CSR desktop and the customer support representative knows right away who is calling.

Additionally, Service Cloud immediately brings up the customer record, so the agent can see if there are any open cases that need to be handled. For salesforce.com, this functionality has enabled them to shorten 30% of their customer service calls because the representative no longer has to go through the time-consuming drill of acquiring the caller’s basic information. Ultimately, CTI and skills-based routing can save a company millions of dollars a year and salesforce.com is already seeing reductions in average call handling time.

What makes this even more satisfying is the reaction salesforce.com customers are having with the level of service. It has prompted some to tell their friends about it. Check out this feedback on Twitter from one salesforce.com customer about his recent interaction with salesforce.com’s Global Customer Support Group:

CRMFYI: Nice new experience with Salesforce Premier Support – They know who I am when I call in; finally there’s a point to entering your ID #

Surely, that is a tweet every company would like to see!