With Lifesize Dash™, we wanted to make a meeting room kit solution that stood out from the rest — it needed to be simple to use and allow for tons of flexibility, but it also needed to be super affordable so that companies could deploy it in all of their meeting rooms. Rather than restricting access to operating system like Windows or OS X that require more processing power, we built our lightweight solution to be capable to run on an inexpensive and easy to maintain Chromebox that you can pick up for $200.

Learn how Lifesize Dash is compatible with Chromebox, and how it can enhance your smallest meeting spaces.  

Why Chromebox?

It was clear early in development that a limited spec Chromebox would be our target processing hardware. Not only does optimizing Lifesize Dash for the processing power of a Chromebox gives us a lowest common denominator solution that can easily scale up to more powerful systems, it also gives us a few distinct advantages:


Organizations that are looking at a solution like Dash for their smallest meeting rooms are looking for a solution that they can quickly deploy with minimal technology investment. A Chromebox is priced around $200, about a third of the price of the standard PC. 

Size/Form Factor

Think about the average size of a meeting room credenza or wall-mounted video system — not a lot of room for activities. The size and form factor of a Chromebox removes the clutter that can come with setting up a full-sized computer tower or even a laptop in every meeting space. 

Automatic Updates

Chromeboxes are natively designed around Chromium™, the open-sourced browser project that ships with WebRTC. The open-sourced nature of WebRTC ushers in new standards-based video codecs, so you’re always working with the latest and most updated system. 

Enhanced Encoding and Decoding

The ability to negotiate bandwidth and available CPU makes it easy to scale resolutions for a high quality meeting experience. Save on bandwidth, save on CPU — have a great video call.  

Security of Linux®

Enterprises spend a lot of time and resources on security, and one of the largest areas of malicious intent comes through unsecure IoT devices that aren’t managed. ChromeOS is a secure OS based on the Linux kernel that is constantly being improved and updated. 

Lifesize Dash is the free meeting room connector for conference room kits designed to enable video conferencing and content sharing in huddle rooms and meeting rooms.

Get Started with Lifesize Dash for Free

With Lifesize Dash on an inexpensive Chromebox, you’ve got a full-featured video solution that gives you a consistent Lifesize experience in any meeting room. If you’ve already assembled a conference room kit for a mini PC or Chromebox or you’re in the process of selecting components for your rooms, you can enjoy Lifesize Dash for free. Sign up for your free Dash Room account