It’s five minutes before your meeting, and you need to find a room that is video enabled for you and your remote colleague to call in to. So you look for a vacant video-friendly huddle room and before you know it, you’re late to your meeting, you’re out of breath from walking four laps around the office looking for an open room and you end up in a boardroom meant to fit 20 people. Might want to zoom in.

 Don’t book the big room for your small meeting — transform your smallest spaces into collaboration stations with Lifesize Dash™.

Large conference rooms end up being used for small meetings far too often, resulting in a misfit between the user needs and the technology. In fact, more than 75% of all meetings in large conference rooms are among just three to four people, making the rest of those empty chairs just a waste of space. To make matters worse, while small teams poach all the big conference rooms, large teams are left with nowhere to meet at all.

One way companies have tried to combat this issue is by creating rules and policies that require bigger meeting spaces to be reserved for bigger meetings. But with only 2% of the approximately 32 million huddle rooms around the world being video-enabled, the low ratio of video meeting rooms to employees is often the root cause of large conference room misuse.

Open floor plan offices and an increasingly remote workforce are driving the demand for additional huddle rooms that are video equipped. According to research by Frost & Sullivan, companies currently average one meeting room to every 10 employees but plan to double their meeting spaces by 2022. 

While some of these new rooms will come from remodeling budgets, others will require a little more creativity. Deploying video-enabled tools into your most unlikely meeting spaces is actually more cost-effective and simpler to deploy than you might think. Whether these new spaces are formed from cleaned-out storage closets or repurposed phone rooms, you can outfit them to be multipurpose rooms with video, audio and wireless screen sharing capabilities with Lifesize solutions for mini rooms and huddle rooms. 

Learn how to design, set up and deploy the perfect meeting room based on your unique needs.

Video Conferencing Solutions for Huddle Rooms and Mini Rooms 

Lifesize Icon 300

Huddle rooms and mini rooms need to prioritize a video conferencing system with a wide-angle field of view lens to help capture meeting participants sitting close to the camera. The Lifesize® Icon 300™ ultra-wide field of view lens is perfectly optimized to capture everyone at the table in even the smallest meeting rooms. The Lifesize Icon 300 is an easy-to-use solution with an intuitive user interface and robust meeting controls. The unmatched 4K screen sharing quality lets you present in the huddle room without sacrificing quality. Setup is plug and play, updates are automatic and every call is encrypted by default. 

Lifesize Dash

Lifesize Dash™ is a free software-based collaboration solution that helps you transform your small, underutilized phone rooms into video-connected, collaboration hotspots. It uses WebRTC technology to enable video, audio and wireless screen sharing on inexpensive Chromebox™ or mini PC devices. Lifesize Dash seamlessly integrates with third-party USB camera and audio devices, giving you the flexibility to use the hardware you want while still getting access to the best-in-class user experience, reliability and centralized management of the Lifesize service.