In this episode of Lifesize Live!, we sat down with Lifesize Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer (CCSHO) Amy Downs for tips on keeping customers happy and churn rates minimized.

The first step in keeping customers happy and ensuring that they get value from your solution every single day is building a team that is dedicated to and passionate about serving others. From the Customer Success Team to Marketing all the way to Engineering and Product and every department in between, having the entire organization on the same page is the foundation for giving your customers exactly what they need to succeed. 

Next, you have to enable your people with the tools that can help them make better, more informed decisions. By empowering your customer-centric organization with the analytical impact of big data, company success, customer loyalty and organizational growth become easy. One of the core values at Lifesize is to lead with Customer Obsession. Having a team dedicated to making people happy not only helps deliver good customer support experiences, it also escalates the drive for continuous improvements in our product and the overall Lifesize experience. 


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