In this episode of Lifesize Live!, Lifesize Sr. Director of Product Josh Duncan reveals his tips for how a world-class collaboration company collaborates.

Communication is at the core of what makes a great organization stand out from the rest. Not only is it the engine that gets things done around the office, it’s also what creates and maintains important relationships. The drive and need for better communication in the workplace come from many different factors — the rise of mobile workers and cloud technology transformations are important, but the need for speed in getting things done seems to be the biggest motivator behind communication investments. Customers, partners and colleagues all expect things to be done faster. In fact, things have started to move so quickly that 25% of employees take work calls in the bathroom! With an elevated emphasis on speed, reliable and consistent communication has become essential.

In order to be great collaborators and communicators, it’s important to see past what’s just being typed or said out loud. You need to hear what isn’t being said and be able read between the lines — and this is where video comes into play. When you’re able to see the body language that you can’t see on an audio call or an email thread, not only can you react in real time and let those nonverbal cues truly lead and steer the conversation, you can also cut out miscommunications and get the results that you and your audience are looking for. 

At the end of the day, work waits for no one. And whether you’ve decided to work from home for the day or you’re traveling for a customer visit, you need to be able to effectively communicate with your team to progress projects forward. By enabling every conference room and every individual with video conferencing, we’re able to collaborate face to face from anywhere, anytime.