Here at Lifesize, we know that our solution and products are pretty great. But it’s always nice to hear what others outside of the office think about our collaboration solution. In this episode of Lifesize Live!, we sat down with Mike Granados from Perfect Video Conferencing, one of Lifesize’s gold partners, to talk about why their organization chose to sell Lifesize products time and time again and how our solution really changes the efficiency game for organizations of any shape and size.

Perfect Video Conferencing is a reseller organization that distributes the latest and greatest communication technologies to make creating relationships within and outside of your company easy. With a mission to help their customers harness the relationship-building power of HD video conferencing, they’ve been standing by our side for the past eight years. 

From a partner perspective, Granados has seen it all at Lifesize. From the first high-definition camera (Icon 200) to the re-architected cloud-based Lifesize app that launched in 2017, he has nothing but praise about how Lifesize has grown and improved over the years. From audio quality, features like content sharing, and our three-tiered support system, PerfectVC has been an avid supporter and pusher of the Lifesize solution since the beginning.

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