In this episode of Lifesize Live!, we had the opportunity to sit down with Rich Long, the President of ScanSource, to talk a little bit about how business has become more personal with video technology — especially when it comes to relationships with partners and customers.

The consumer video technology that once was used for calling relatives and video chatting with friends has officially made its way into the meeting room, adding a more personal touch to your customer and colleague relationships. With the help of smartphones and tablets, video conferencing has become a natural — and sometimes superior — way to communicate. 

The accessibility of video conferencing on our phones, tablets and laptops has really transformed those previously strictly business meetings into more ad-hoc and casual ongoing experiences. Whether utilizing video conferencing in your meeting rooms or on your personal devices, the ability to integrate video technology seamlessly and easily makes those meetings more personal — and the more personal we can make business, the better of an organization we can become.

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