When it comes to transitioning from a high-quality on-premise video conferencing solution to an even higher quality and award-winning cloud-based video conferencing solution, a complete understanding of the benefits can get a little blurry.

In this episode of Lifesize Live!, Global Director of Sales Engineering at Lifesize Scott Rankin talks about how one longtime customer smoothly and seamlessly moved over to our cloud-hosted collaboration solution for easier scalability and redundancy for their mission-critical communication. 

With 60 endpoints, on-premise bridging solutions and the on-premises mobile desktop solution, their collaboration situation was always considered pretty successful. But as time and trends started to evolve and their company grew, they looked to us for a smarter, more cost-effective way to collaborate over video.

As our award-winning customer success team assisted their onboarding over to the Lifesize cloud-based solution, we watched their usage grow from 1,500 calls being made a month via on-premise solution to 10,000 monthly calls and around 300,000 minutes being used via the cloud-based solution. And while this customer is a pretty large organization, Lifesize prides itself in how scalable our solution is— no matter what shape or size your company is. 


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