How much can you do with five minutes? When it comes to prepping for a conference call or quick video meeting, that’s all the time you need to make sure you’re setting up for success. In this episode of Lifesize Live!, we had the opportunity to talk to Lifesize Sales Engineer Steve Allen about how good meeting etiquette can go a long way, especially when you’re on screen. 

From just double-checking that your camera and phone are connected to your computer and checking how the lighting looks on display to pulling out that trusty pair of headphones that isolates your audio, it doesn’t take much to make sure you present your best self on screen.

But setting yourself up for success via video doesn’t just stop when the call starts — it’s important to treat the virtual meeting as if you’re in the meeting room in person throughout the call as well. In an in-person meeting, there’s no room for multitasking or being distracted with background noises. Just muting yourself when you’re not speaking in the meeting helps everyone stay productive.

It’s important to make sure your conference calls go as smoothly as they can so the meeting can really be about the actual conversation. Making sure you understand your video conferencing solution inside and out and identifying what tools you have within your platform makes having those good calls easier. Spend those few minutes prepping and taking advantage of the resources you have, and say good-bye to bad meeting culture.

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