A remarkable thing happens when you enable a piece of hardware with cloud connectivity. Take Lifesize Share as an example. Late last night, the wireless meeting room screen-sharing device received an automatic update that has opened up a whole new platform of functionality for the hundreds of thousands of conference rooms around the globe connected to the Lifesize service. One of the first applications to hit the enhanced meeting room platform came in the form of digital signage.

Lifesize Share as a platform highlighting digital signage

Introducing Lifesize Digital Signage with ScreenCloud

Lifesize has partnered with ScreenCloud to add a robust new set of digital signage features to the Lifesize Share platform. This integration provides an automated way to broadcast corporate communications to the screens your organization uses every day. In addition to the screens installed throughout your office lobbies, Lifesize makes it easy to display corporate messages on your conference room displays when they’re not actively being used in a call. The best part is that Lifesize Share automatically switches between using your Lifesize conference room equipment and displaying digital signage content.

Digital signage is great for promoting internal programs to help you get the biggest reach out of your message. Here are a few ways you can start using digital signage in the meeting room today:

  1. Share your corporate vision and values
  2. Promote and stream your next company all-hands meeting
  3. Create an employee spotlight program
  4. Highlight your company social media feeds
  5. Spread awareness of new internal programs
  6. Inform your teams of relevant news articles
  7. Align on your company objectives

It’s easy to see how beneficial digital signage can be for making use of the often-unused screen real estate across your office, but it’s also critically important that the functionality be easy to set up and use. With Lifesize and ScreenCloud, preconfigured apps are customizable, content playlists are drag and drop, and whether you have one screen or one hundred, everything is centrally managed.

When you’re ready to start a meeting in a Lifesize virtual meeting room or you just want to take over the meeting room display to share your screen locally, Lifesize will automatically switch from displaying digital signage to displaying meeting participants and presentations. The seamless switching makes it easy for anyone to join a room, take in a few moments of digital signage and get on with their meetings without having to interrupt their daily meeting workflow. For more on Lifesize Share, check out the links below:

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