From sharing your laptop screen to playing full-motion videos to driving a presentation right from your mobile phone, Lifesize Share™ gives you a lot of flexibility in how you wirelessly present in the meeting room. Here are a few how-to’s on getting started with your share device in your meeting room.

Sharing Your Screen

Sharing your screen is a common workflow for someone who just wants to drive the meeting right from their laptop. We take flexibility and easy of use seriously. That’s why we give you three different ways to share your screen:

  • Entire screen: Your entire laptop screen is on display, which makes it easy to toggle back and forth between tabs and applications. This is perfect for when you’re in a meeting where you have to present a slide deck but you also want to reference a spreadsheet along the way.
  • Application window: With this method, you can lock the meeting room display on a specific application while still being able to access other documents or take notes without sharing them with everyone else in the room.
  • Chrome tab: Similar to an application window, Chrome tab lets you lock the display screen on a single browser tab, while the presenter has the freedom to navigate between other tabs on their laptop.

Playing a Video

No one has time for buffering video or audio that’s out of sync, especially in a meeting. Luckily, playing a video through your Lifesize Share device is designed to give you perfect playback. If the video is hosted, all you have to do is copy and paste the video share URL and click play! If it’s not hosted, don’t fret — just upload it to the share device before your meeting for easy access anytime.

Wirelessly Present from your Phone

Want even more flexibility in the meeting room? You can access the same features and capabilities of your Share device right from your phone. Upload files, control presentation slides and even play videos from your phone!

From seamlessly transitioning between slideshows and videos to presenting right from your mobile device, Lifesize Share gives you a powerful and flexible way to present in all of the different ways you like to present. And above all else, it’s a very easy way to get wireless sharing in any meeting room.


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