Ligentia, a leading global freight and supply chain management provider, sought a smarter and more efficient way to communicate across their 22 offices located all around the world. With the help of VideoCentric to guide their decision-making, Ligentia chose Lifesize to meet their collaboration needs.

VideoCentric sat down with Noel Kenningham, the Director of Group IT at Ligentia, to discuss why they chose Lifesize among all the others, how they were currently using video across all their services and how the future of their communication is changing.  

Learn how Ligentia implemented Lifesize to elevate their meetings via video technology.

With the implementation of Lifesize, Ligentia has completely transformed the way they communicate, collaborate and report internally and externally. After replacing travel with video, their offices around the globe are jumping on the video wagon as well. Not only are they meeting more often and gaining the full potential of video as a collaboration platform, they also are improving and elevating their conversations on these calls.

“I now have half-hour meetings in the morning twice a week with my colleague in Shanghai, and that relationship is as strong as if he sat next to me in the Leeds office,” Kenningham said.