Traditional video calls have always focused around collaboration, but they tend to cap out at a max number of participants and audience members. You don’t really get the full effect of a video conference call when each of your 1,000 attendees is shrunken down to 10 pixels of on-screen real estate. Besides, once you get into the hundreds or thousands of attendees, the purpose of the meeting naturally changes from being a collaborative roundtable conversation to one person or maybe a small group of people speaking to a large audience. Whether you’re live streaming a video call, hosting a webinar, or showing a real time demo, you need a platform that works with you.

Lifesize® Live Stream gives you the ability to turn any Lifesize virtual meeting room into a streamable meeting room capable of broadcasting to up to 10,000 viewers. Live streams are launched with a single click by the event moderator, and viewers are able to join from any browser-enabled device without having to download any special apps or plug-ins. After the live event is over, you even have the ability to share a link to the hosted recording to anyone unable to make the live event. Your social media followers will then have the ability to go back and view the live broadcast, from any device, at any time. 

Live streaming is perfect for large audiences in keynotes, town hall meetings, orientations, awkward company dances — really any time you need to reach as many people as possible with your life-changing company message.

Key features of Lifesize Live Stream

1. Spread the message to everyone

Viewers can interact with events hosts in a live Q&A chat that can be moderated by the administrator or left unmoderated — your choice.

2. Simple and secure streaming

Use the Admin Console to set security permissions, generate live stream event links and monitor utilization and attendance reporting.

3. Option to moderate

Viewers can interact and engage with event hosts in a live Q&A chat that can be moderated by the administrator or left unmoderated — your choice.

4. Grow as you go

Lifesize Live Stream offers the best value — stream the way you want and pay based on your usage. It is available as an add-on for Premium and Enterprise customers.

5. All-in-one collaboration app

Video, web and audio conferencing, chat and the ability to stream and record meetings — all in one application. There’s no need for multiple software and application installations.

From extending the message to everyone who needs to hear it with Lifesize Live Stream to capturing and archiving the ideas and information being discussed every day with Lifesize® Record and Share, IT professionals now have even more ways to effectively enable their organizations to easily and powerfully connect and collaborate, all through one vendor and one easy-to-use solution, furthering their investment and lowering their total cost of ownership.