LiveOps Finalist for Network Computing Awards’ Contact Centre Product of the Year

We are honored to be nominated as a finalist for the Network Computing Awards 2013 in the category of Contact Centre Product of the Year! Now, we’re asking for your help to bring us through to the finish line! That’s right, the winner is determined by people’s choice. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to vote for the LiveOps Platform through this online poll.

The Network Computing Awards were set up to recognize the solutions and the companies that have been most impressive in helping organizations function better and utilize their networks to the best advantage. The effectiveness of an organization depends, to a large degree, on the performance of its network. How fast does it run? How much downtime does it experience? How well does it cope with running an increasing number of applications and storing an increasing amount of data? How secure is it? It’s fair to say that managing a network (or a contact centre) is a challenging job, so we’re thrilled that the LiveOps Platform was named a finalist for this prestigious award.

Battle-tested for 10+ years by thousands of agents, the LiveOps Platform combines a cloud contact centre platform and applications with proven best practices to deliver:

  1. Low Up-front Costs
  2. Rapid Deployment
  3. Location Independence for geographically distributed workforce
  4. Speed, Control, and Flexibility

The winners for the Network Computing Awards are selected through the online poll, so please share this poll with your friends and followers and be sure to vote for LiveOps as the Contact Centre Product of the Year!

Vote here:

–          Ann Ruckstuhl, SVP and CMO, LiveOps