When you think Major League Baseball, you probably think about your favorite team, your favorite stadium or your favorite seventh inning snack — but what about all that technical stuff that happens in the background?

Major League Baseball, one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States, was on a hunt for a better, smarter and faster way to collaborate with their staff across the nation. With events like the World Baseball Classic games and the All-Star Game in America’s biggest cities, making sure the entire staff is on the same page is crucial.

Lifesize makes meeting easier at Major League Baseball.  

Before video conferencing, MLB’s daily morning meetings were held in person in a hotel conference room or solely via audio, which led to either a lot of unwanted travel or wasted time figuring out who was talking about what. 

By utilizing Lifesize, team members are able to skip the commute from hotel to stadium to office and back, without having to rely solely on audio conferencing for their most important meetings. In addition to reduced travel downtime, meeting attendance increased a whopping 42 percent! The league utilized Lifesize for the 2017 All-Star Game in Miami and plan on using it again for this year’s All-Star Game as well. 

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