Smart-framing sensor brings everyone into the picture

The Lifesize® Icon 450™ is equipped with a smart-framing sensor that automatically pans, tilts and zooms the camera to the optimal position. We got tired of seeing people cut in half because the camera wasn’t positioned correctly, so we developed a smart-framing sensor to fix it automatically. Now, when a new group joins the meeting room, the sensor readjusts and centers the frame. And if someone joins late, the sensor picks up the new person and adjusts the camera without any effort on your part.

Simple setup and management with automatic updates

Just connect the camera to a TV and the internet, give it power and pair it to your account to start making calls. The system updates automatically so you never have to make the rounds room to room installing software updates.

Small form factor sized for huddle rooms

Huddle rooms and small meeting spaces don’t have room for bulky hardware cluttering up the place. The 82-degree wide-angle lens is perfect for capturing everyone around the table without forcing you to sit uncomfortably close, and the large lens is optimized to produce a bright, vibrant image even in lowlight conditions.

A perfect pair with Lifesize calendar integration

Sync the Lifesize Icon 450 with your Microsoft® Office 365® or Google Apps for Work™ calendar for on-screen prompts to start your scheduled meeting with a single click as soon as you enter the room. And when you combine that with a camera system that automatically adjusts to everyone in the room, there simply isn’t an easier way to start a video meeting.

Seamless operation with Lifesize® Phone™ HD and the Lifesize app

Reduce meeting room complexity by combining video, audio and web conferencing in a single app and control it all through the intuitive interface of Lifesize Phone HD. The Lifesize Icon 450 brings all of the features you love about the Lifesize app into the huddle room and focuses on you so that you can focus on your meeting. 

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