30 Virtual Meeting Memes That Every Office Employee Can Relate To

No matter where you work, chances are that meetings are a part of your weekly, if not daily, routine. When organized well, meetings are a great tool for improving communication, collaboration and productivity in the office. Lifesize constantly works toward providing the best equipment and software possible so you can have effective and enjoyable video meeting experiences the first time around. But, we understand that lengthy, avoidable meetings do happen from time to time, and it’s not always a guarantee that you’ll walk away from a meeting feeling productive and informed. 

This is probably why there are so many funny work memes around. Think of this article as your personally curated meme generator with some of the funniest memes to get you through your next conference call or virtual meeting.

30 Best Meeting Memes for 2020

Whether staff meetings are too long or unproductive or there are just too many of them, we all have our gripes with meetings and sometimes adding in some humor is the only way to get through them!

Read on for funny memes which are all too relatable and perfectly sum up common feelings toward meetings in the workplace that we can all relate to.

1. When it’s TOO early to have a meeting

Meme that says Please end this meeting 


2. When the conference or boardroom is blocked off for an hour

Meme that says Waiting for a meeting to end 


3. When a meeting could easily be summed up in a few sentences

Meme that says You were not at the meeting. It should have been an email.   


4. When you see a calendar invite for a noon meeting

Meme that says 12:00 Meeting and shows a person is not interested. Lunch is provided in next scene and the person is interested 


5. When you open your inbox on a Monday morning  #mondaymemes

Meme that says Meeting meeting meeting meeting 


6. When you’re the only one who thinks the meeting rooms are too cold

Meme that says me as soon as a coworker lower AC by 1 degree 


7. When you get called on in a team meeting, but you weren’t paying attention

Meme that says Friend did you watch that video I sent you 


8. When the meeting runs into your lunch break

Meme that says When you want the staff meeting to end 


9. When they swear it’s just allergies, but you’re not so sure

Meme that says After that first person in the offices sneezes 


10. When everyone else in the meeting is taking notes, so you pretend to take notes too

Meme that says Im just sending you this ecard during a meeting so it looks like I'm doing something 


11. When your meeting runs overtime and your friends leave for lunch without you

Meme of White monkey with hands in the air 


12. When that one coworker has had enough

Meme that says Yeah if you could go ahead and wrap this meeting up that would be great 


13. When you’re forced to work late

Meme that says When your boss schedules a 530 meeting 


14. When you don’t know how to use your company’s technology yet

Meme that says When you accidentally share the wrong screen 


15. When you don’t belong in a meeting but you’re required to attend anyway

Meme that says This is going to be a waste. I guarantee it 


16. When you get a meeting invite while out on PTO

Meme that says Its my day off. not my problem 


17. When the boss talks too much

Meme that says Tells staff to keep meetings under 30 minutes 


18. When someone declines your meeting invite without proposing an alternate time

Meme that says All righty then 


19. When your coworker skips a meeting for the third time that week

Meme that says Lazy coworker missing but thats none of my business 


20. When there are just too many meetings

Meme that says Just had a meeting on having monthly meetings 


21. When you’re only five minutes into a one-hour meeting

Meme that says When you accidentally looked at the clock at work 


22. When there’s food at the meeting (did someone say free food?!)

Meme that says This is the best meeting ever 


23. When the new guy tells you the meeting will be quick, but you know better

Meme that says They told you this staff meeting would be quick 


24. When you’ve been working long enough to know that fast meetings don’t exist

Meme that says This will just be a fast meeting. 4 hours later 


25. When you have to present during a meeting, but technology decides otherwise

Meme that says When your computer won't work 


26. When your boss asks how the meeting went, but you thought it was a waste of time

Meme that says I like meetings 


27. When you “accidentally” lose track of time

Meme that says me I better leave. Im going to be late 


28. When your boss says, “Hey, you got a minute?”

Meme that says Not sure if the boss is going to fire me or give me more work 


29. When that one coworker uses the conference room as their personal office

Meme that says No by all means please work out of the conference room 


30. When someone suggests meeting on a weekly basis

Meme that says Thats not how this works. Thats not how any of this works 


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Meme that says Lets do this 


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Meme that says Quality is kind of a big deal around here 


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Meme that says Collaboration for the win 



Meetings may not always be productive or worthwhile, but they are a part of any work-life. Together with your team, you can enjoy some of the best memes to get you through just about any type of meeting. However, the good news is that with a little bit of planning and structure, your team can have productive and engaging meetings. Additionally, using a lifelike and robust video conferencing solution like Lifesize can help you overcome some of these common annoyances in the meeting room. For tips on improving your team meetings, read our blog on Team Meetings: A Company’s Most Underestimated Leverage Point