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People are constantly on the go—and they expect their technology to travel with them wherever they are. The Lifesize mobile app is universal across different devices, on any network, and offers best-in-class enterprise quality and support. With the Lifesize app, you can collaborate over video on your mobile the same way you would on your laptop, just on a smaller screen.

The priorities of a video conferencing solution have changed dramatically in the past few years. In 2013, a mobile app was on the “nice to have” list, but now that people are embracing video calls on more and more devices, they are must-haves for any solution worth considering. When extending video capabilities across your devices, look for a solution with specific features and functionality

6 Features to Consider in Mobile Video Conferencing

1. Simplicity

Video conferencing isn’t just for boardrooms anymore. Now, everyone in the organization is equipped with the technology and expects it to run without IT assistance. Video conferencing on your mobile should be as simple as opening an app and clicking a name. Your teams shouldn’t have to memorize dial strings, access codes or navigate automated routing services to make a call.

2. Broad device support

It’s vital that your solution supports as many PC, Mac®, iOS and Android devices as possible. With BYOD surging in popularity with each passing year, you need a solution that you can depend on to work across all the devices your team wants to use.

3. Flexibility

A mobile video solution should have the flexibility to enable all the ways you communicate—single and group video calls, instant and scheduled meetings, presence-enabled shared directory with click-to-call dialing and virtual meeting rooms (VMRs). You should be able to connect with video and screen sharing or as an audio-only participant when your mobility requires you to connect without video.

4. Video quality

Your mobile solution needs to be lightweight enough to run on less-than-stable networks while also giving you lifelike video and audio quality. Full-screen video with 16:9 format and 720p resolution will help you make the most of your mobile device experience.

5. Feature support

From recording and sharing meetings with a simple click to text chat and call history, the features in your meeting room and laptop video conferencing service should be incorporated right into the mobile solution. Having a persistent interface, look and feel helps mobile users easily navigate all of the features.

6. Security

These are your top-secret conversations we’re talking about. You want to make sure that the information stays confidential and encrypted.

How does the Lifesize mobile app stack up?

From the mobile warriors traveling the globe and spreading awareness of your company message to the work-from-home teams putting in extra hours from the extra bedroom, the Lifesize app lets everyone connect and collaborate on their favorite devices.

The app is simple to download and use and can even be set to ring on all of your devices, letting you answer the one that’s most convenient. It supports the latest iOS and Android devices at full-screen 16:9 format and 720p resolution and is powered by IBM Cloud®, for maximum reliability and security.

The features that make the Lifesize App such a powerful collaboration tool, like directory-based instant calling and integrated chat, are just as easy to use in the mobile app as they are on your laptop. And now with Lifesize Record and Share, collaborating in your meetings can be done with the click of a button—that way, even when your travels take priority, you can still catch the replay and stay up to date on all of your projects.