Traveling for work isn’t the only option anymore. With motor vehicles collectively causing 75% of carbon monoxide pollution in the United States and just one commercial international flight burning one gallon of fuel a second, there are smarter ways to skip the commute or plane ride to attend important meetings without risking the planet’s (and our own) health. Luckily, technological advancements have made it easier to meet face to face without actually being face to face. By deploying video in the office, employees can skip the commute and be more efficient with their time.

How Video Conferencing Saves More than Just Travel and Out-of-Office Expenses 

Video conferencing technology does a lot more than just cut travel out of the equation — it also makes meetings faster, easier and just plain better. With the human attention span lasting only around 18 minutes, conducting shorter meetings during the workday just makes more sense. People tend to be more attentive listeners when things happen at a faster pace, which is perfect because Lifesize meetings average right at 20 minutes according to our data (2 minutes for small talk and 18 minutes of pure productivity).

The ability to wrap meetings up into short, to-the-point sessions makes them faster, focused and with meeting agenda-oriented for your team. By meeting more quickly and frequently, you can encourage your employees to maximize output and increase the effectiveness of shared time because they’ll value the importance of the meeting at hand. 

One way to have successful, brief meetings is to follow the JOT principle. By making them about Just One Thing, people can stay focused and on agenda in the conference room. It also helps in building a shared and unified vision about that one particular topic, engaging employees more deeply in the process. With video, not only can you record and share and even live stream these to-the-point meetings, they also just become easier to be a part of and engage in. There’s no terminal hopping — you just click a person’s name to get connected. It honestly can’t get any easier.

Five Reasons Businesses Need Video Conferencing 

Saving time and cutting travel costs out of the work day while still being able to see your colleagues face to face are just some of the reasons that modern businesses love video conferencing. Learn more about all the different ways video conferencing can make your work life better by checking out our guide Top Five Reasons Businesses Crave Video Conferencing (and why it belongs in your tech stack).