In the conversations I have with our customers and prospects every day, I’m constantly amazed at the lengths you all go to in support of your companies and your customers. And you deserve the same level of support from us in return. This is Serenova’s top priority moving forward and we hope you experience that firsthand.

Over the last year, we’ve invested in new support services and pilot programs, enhanced and streamlined them with your feedback, and also uncovered a few more areas where we still need to improve to better serve you moving forward.

Based on everything we’ve learned through that process, we’re officially launching new support plans today with one goal: to give you the help you need and deserve to be successful with Serenova. With your direct input, we’ve designed these programs to reduce TCO, improve our response times, and deliver better experiences for our customers – and yours.

First and foremost, every single Serenova customer will receive Standard Support free of charge. This includes all the essentials – from access to our online support portal (to help you create and track cases), a knowledgebase, and a support line for priority 1 escalations. Our Premium Support takes that one step further to allow our customers all the benefits of the Standard level coupled with accelerated support responses across more channels – including 24/7 phone support regardless of severity.

Our all-new Premium Plus Support now extends the current plans available to provide an experienced Technical Account Manager (TAM) to go far beyond the realm of basic case management and ticket escalation. Our TAMs will work closely with you as an ongoing technical consultant, specializing in your environment and your internal procedures to maximize your investment. You can think of them as your very own Serenova Sherpas – there to make life easier by guiding and proactively helping you to avoid any an issues that could arise.

As part of our recent rebrand, we launched new corporate values to our staff. One of those values is ‘Progress over Perfection’ and states that “We embrace change, roll with the punches, and choose progress over perfection to make each day better than the day before.” We hope you recognize that commitment in these new plans as we redouble our efforts to simplify and better serve you, your customers, and your employees.

We’ve fully outlined our programs on our website, which you can check out here. You can also get in touch with us (including myself) directly through your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or by emailing