Particularly since the onset of the pandemic, contact centers have played a vital role in not only resolving customer issues and requests in a smooth and timely manner, but also in providing business services and sales interactions that can occur across any communication channel beyond in-person. In those ways, contact centers have more than held up their end of the bargain to keep the world working.

Lifesize, in turn, helps keep our customers’ contact centers working and capable of meeting the ballooning global demand they continue to face. Today, we are announcing several new features and integrations for our CxEngage cloud contact center platform designed and engineered to increase automation, self-service and intelligence throughout the customer experience, boost agent productivity, and positively impact workforce optimization (WFO), quality management (QM) and reporting.

Powerful Omnichannel Capabilities

With consumers reaching customer service organizations via more avenues than ever, many of CxEngage’s newest features and functions address agents’ ability to meet and serve customers wherever they are and on whatever channel they prefer. For example, support for WhatsApp opens up a favored channel for agents to send and receive text, photos, videos, voice, documents and location directly from their CxEngage dashboard.

Similarly, newly released proactive chat and MMS support afford agents the option to communicate with customers in exceedingly direct, instantaneous, natural ways on their preferred mobile and online channels. Voice is no longer the only dominant channel in the contact center, and chat and text messaging both interface well with CxEngage Video, to boot.

As a final highlighted feature, the global scalability of our platform only improves with the introduction of 10 new languages for the CxEngage agent dashboard, bringing overall support to 18 languages. Not only can organizations now hire agents from different backgrounds and regions, but they can more readily serve customers around the world who speak those same languages. The new languages supported are Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian and Swedish.

Emergent Application Integrations

To extend our formidable CxEngage cloud platform even further, we seek out, partner closely and tightly integrate with industry-pioneering, best-of-breed specialists that bring their technology to bear across the customer journey and agent experience. Without diving into too much technical depth, a sampling of notably new or recently refreshed CxEngage integrations includes:

  • AutoReach for intelligent preview and progressive dialing.
  • CallMiner for sentiment analysis of recordings and QM analytics.
  • Ivinex for custom agent interfaces and scripting.
  • Observe.AI for AI-driven transcription, agent evaluation and quality assurance.
  • Omilia for conversational AI-powered self-service and call routing.
  • Plecto for real-time, automatic, centralized reporting.
  • Salesforce for routing Salesforce work items as requests to the contact center.
  • Zappix for visual interactive voice response (IVR) and digital self-service.

Our constant north star for CxEngage is to make agents more productive, deliver winning customer outcomes and help contact centers operate like the well-oiled machines they need to be in order to keep the world working. For more details on these new capabilities and integrations, read today’s press release or visit our CxEngage App Store.