One-time meetings are single-use, private sync spaces that are hidden in your full Lifesize directory and intended for nonrecurring events, giving users more flexibility in how they meet. Here are three ways that one-time meetings can be implemented into your workday:

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Nonrecurring Meetings

These are great for video interviews, sales demos, or any topic where meeting one time in a single-use virtual space is ideal. One-time meetings are deleted right after the meeting ends so you can keep your personal meeting directory clutter-free.

Private Meetings

With one-time meetings, you can hide your most personal and private chats from your global directory, giving control to the meeting creator of who can join and when. Only those invited and the meeting moderator can access these from the Lifesize app.

Quick Sync Meetings

Avoid the hassle that comes with managing a meeting space for your quick, ad-hoc meetings with one-time meetings. Users can quickly and easily create unlimited one-time sync spaces that never have to be organized or updated — they disappear when the meeting ends.

This add-on feature is now available for the Lifesize web and desktop apps, as well as the Lifesize Outlook add-in. Create a one-time meeting via the meeting directory in the app, or send invites via the Schedule a Meeting button in the Outlook home ribbon. For more information on how to get this feature for your office, check out our community post that goes into detail about the benefits of one-time meetings.

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