Putting Disruption in “Context”

In 2011, I was presented with the opportunity to both lead one of the fastest growing cloud contact center companies in the world – LiveOps – and to disrupt a once stagnating industry – the contact center. Since that time, we’ve introduced our LiveOps Platform and have grown that business by more than 55 percent. As we’ve progressed, I’ve maintained my belief that there is always more to be done to improve the way that customer service is performed and evolve the way that consumers view service as part of their overall brand experience.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that we are once again changing the old ways of doing business. We’ve acquired a dynamic Canadian start-up, UserEvents Inc. and its flagship product CxEngage, a contextual routing engine that can aggregate and process events on any social, web, mobile or voice channel in real time.

Wondering what that means for your business? I’ve never been shy in my assertions on the importance of the multichannel customer experience. (And yes, LiveOps led the market with the acquisition of DataSquirt, too.) The reality is that it is no longer enough to measure customer satisfaction for each channel separately. Consumers – especially younger consumers — shift frequently between channels and expect brands to be able to track their conversations and comments accordingly.  Brands, and the contact centers that support them, must adapt to better manage these fragmented interactions across voice, email, chat, social and SMS.

This is where contextual routing and our acquisition of UserEvents comes in. While many in our industry tout big data capabilities, they’re effectively speaking to the benefit of knowing what customers have done in the past.  History is helpful, yes – but consumer priorities can change by the hour – making what someone did yesterday far less important than what they’re doing right now. Understanding your customer goes beyond awareness of interaction history and past preferences. Brands must have visibility into present needs and act proactively and immediately on that information based on patterns of events.

By integrating UserEvents’ CxEngage technology into the LiveOps Platform, we’re helping brands of all sizes to look at customer experience management as not just a single interaction, but a journey – one that starts with the decision made by a consumer to evaluate a brand, and ends with that customer not only purchasing, but purchasing again-and-again.

Context will be the name of the game in customer experience management this year.

–          Marty Beard, Chairman and CEO, LiveOps

Image courtesy of foto76 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.