Rube Goldberg machines are cool, at least in theory, but once those deliberately complex contraptions start taking over your office conferencing and collaboration solutions, they turn into more of a hassle and less of a mesmerizing sequence.


When it comes to collaboration technology, the easier it is to use, the better. In a recent survey we conducted with Spiceworks, we found that the average IT manager is juggling 4.4 solutions (about 3.4 solutions too many) across three separate providers.  And 56 percent of those IT managers don’t have a clue how much they’re actually spending on all of the different providers in their collaboration ecosystem. Not only does this chaotic approach to communication lead to confusion and frustration for everyone involved, it also eats away a lot more money than you think. 

With Lifesize, our collaboration solution doesn’t just work, it’s simple. In a recent webinar Connect This: How to Build an IT-Driven Collaboration Ecosystem, we talked about the steps you can start taking to simplify your collaboration stack. Our all-in-one solution is easy for end users to pick up and use, and it simplifies the deployment and management for IT as well. Ditch your messy Rube Goldberg technology machine and start meeting smarter with Lifesize.