Tune in on October 28th as Lifesize video evangelist, Simon Dudley, discusses the undeniable benefits of video conferencing in a webinar hosted by Spiceworks.

The words video conferencing technology often strike fear into the hearts of some IT pros due to perceived complexity. However, recent developments have made the technology MUCH simpler to implement, manage and understand. This webinar will uncover how new cloud-based video conferencing solutions have eliminated complicated hardware from the conference-room video experience and how you can connect your office and employees to the world. Sign up for the webinar on October 28th at 1pm CT to learn:

1. How we’ve revolutionized how your users will utilize video conferencing technology

2. The benefits of having your video environment hosted in the cloud, like freeing up IT resources and time

3. How cloud video conferencing can fit your organization’s specific needs, mobilize your workforce, and make your life as an IT pro easier (and all without breaking the bank!)

We hope to see you guys there!