Deploying multiple ad-hoc communication solutions in the work place creates unnecessary uncertainty, in terms of both usability and security. End users are unsure which communication tool to use when, and admins are unsure of how many tools are actually being used and of the security implications of widespread shadow IT. 

Navigate the inefficiencies of deploying way too many collaboration tools with Lifesize.

When departments independently deploy ad-hoc solutions, they are signing up for more than they initially think. Contracts are signed, unknown apps are downloaded and the funds you thought you had to spend on team communication and collaboration end up sunk into multiple license and support contracts for solutions that don’t talk to one another. Before long you’re left with an ineffective collaboration solution caused by the chaos of too many collaboration apps.

In a recent survey we conducted with Spiceworks, we found out that not only is the average IT pro juggling four solutions but also that 56% of those IT pros surveyed don’t even know what their organizations are spending on subscriptions/licenses for collaboration. 

In this webinar, we talk about what you can do to navigate your organization away from the inefficiencies of deploying way too many collaboration tools and some important things to consider before selecting and onboarding a new solution. 

At Lifesize, we want to be as transparent, approachable and usable as possible. Our hybrid approach to collaboration with a mix of meeting room hardware and cloud-based audio, video and web conferencing software gives your teams everything they need to collaborate in all of the different ways they like to meet. Our admin console alerts account admins if there’s ever a problem so you can be proactive instead of reactive, our redundant cloud architecture is designed for failover and backup with a 99.9% Service Level Agreement, and our customer support team is available 24x7x365 if you need a little extra help deploying, training or configuring your solution. We’re exactly what a simple, all-in-one collaboration solution should look like. Try us out for free for 14 days or check out our guided demo for an interactive Lifesize experience.