How’s your day going? If you’re like most of us, it’s busy! Taking the kids to school, working to put food on the table and a roof over your head, walking the dog twice, getting to the gym for a much-deserved workout, preparing dinner, meeting your various social obligations, and carving out some all-too-infrequent TLC time—it adds up! With all these responsibilities fighting for your attention, it’s no wonder that people as a whole feel so stressed![1]

And what about all that technology we’ve been told will make our lives so much easier? Every time a new piece of tech is released—be it next-generation wireless connectivity, the latest smartphone or the slickest tablet hybrid—it’s marketed with the promise that it will make our lives easier, less stressful and more balanced. Yet according to recent medical findings, technology can actually be responsible for our stress; in fact, the neologism technostress was coined specifically to describe the stress created by our constant connection to our various devices.[2] Where’s all the “better living through science” we’ve been promised?

We think the trick isn’t necessarily in making it easier to connect 24/7; it’s in being able to pause and step out for a minute to take time for ourselves. Instead of building a schedule around meetings and obligations, you should fit meetings into your schedule. And there are apps that can help. Just as voicemail made it okay to miss a phone call and still be able to get the message, video conference calls can be recorded with the click of a button and automatically shared as soon as the meeting ends. That way, when you’re with your family on a much-needed vacation, you can simply play back that important sales meeting when it’s convenient for you. And as for your colleagues halfway around the world—now they don’t have to stay up till midnight to stay up to date on team projects.

It’s time you took back your vacations, your weekends and your family meals. Check out the recording and sharing features of Lifesize Record and Share to learn how to stop the 24/7 work schedule before it takes over your life.



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