While most of us have been in lockdown mode, healthcare, financial services and other “essential” industries have had to continue to operate and serve customers through their contact centers. These contact centers are rising to the challenge of this global crisis.

The necessity of being able to adapt quickly was realized weeks ago, causing a scramble to move from in-office to work-from-home (WFH) agents. At Serenova, we’ve been monitoring the impact of this WFH transition on contact centers and the solutions and programs contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) providers have created to help.

Choosing the Right Partner

CCaaS providers have stepped up to the plate with solid promotions—waived licensing fees, free implementation and support, and the promise to be up and running in less than a week.  However, as call volumes tend to spike during a crisis, some CCaaS providers neglected the cost of telco in their promotions. This is something to consider when evaluating free offers.

It’s important to note the average cost of transitioning from an on-premises contact center platform to WFH is approximately $4,000 per agent and takes an average of two weeks to get up and running.

The CxEngage Rapid Response program can help even the largest organizations immediately scale their contact centers into the cloud within 48 hours for as low as $59 per agent.  Flexible remote work policies can be implemented quickly, while maintaining continuity for both agents and customers during this global health crisis.

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), CxEngage empowers organizations to rapidly onboard and enable remote agents without requiring anything more than access to an internet browser.  Agents simply log into the CxEngage toolbar, access via their CRM or dial in on a mobile phone to begin taking calls immediately.

As you contemplate a cloud contact center solution to optimize your WFH transition, remember to focus on these four features:

  1. Workforce Optimization
  2. Customer-first Support
  3. Global Scalability
  4. Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Assessing agent performance is even more imperative when agents are taking interactions from home. The right quality assurance tools can make this assessment easier, keeping both agents and supervisors honest and accountable. WFO solutions deliver data to supervisors in real-time, no matter where they’re located.

  • CxEngage Quality Management provides native call recording, screen capture and quality assurance capabilities all within a unified interface, which means fewer applications to manage. Supervisors can identify exactly where each agent is delivering great service while uncovering opportunities for additional training and coaching.
  • Workforce Management (WFM) solutions help supervisors optimize staffing and increase forecast accuracy, so they always have the right number of agents available at the right time. Serenova WFM can help minimize administrative effort, improve agent engagement and schedule adherence, and reduce labor costs.
  • Our Performance Management tool offers visibility into KPIs that can positively impact the customer experience. With CxEngage Scoreboard, supervisors can create a culture of friendly competition and continuous development by boosting agents’ productivity and incentivizing them to rise up.

Customer-first Support

Just as contact centers are expected to support their customers during the COVID-19 crisis, CCaaS providers should be expected to support contact centers. We are hyper responsive to needs and outcomes, maintaining great relationships that customers expect and appreciate from our teams.

Global Scalability

Due to the crisis, agents are faced with higher call volumes and increased demands from customers who are concerned for their health and safety, who need to cancel travel arrangements, who are worried about their investments, or who are just anxious and bored at home. Serenova enables contact centers to address these peaks by adding agents in just a few clicks of the mouse (and only pay for those who take an interaction).

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Reporting tools, real-time and historical, are a must for setting clear performance metrics and expectations, especially in a WFH environment. Insight into the state of interactions, queues, channels and agents can help supervisors identify performance issues and take immediate action.

 A Review of Your Choices

Here’s a summary of how Serenova’s Rapid Recovery Response program—designed to help adapt to the results of COVID-19 and be prepared for future crises—stacks up against other CCaaS providers’ offerings:

 How We’re Helping

Over the last few weeks, current Serenova customers have leveraged the cloud to its fullest potential. For example, a multinational financial services company addressed COVID-19 challenges by quickly supporting WFH agents on CxEngage’s cloud contact center platform.

Within a matter of hours, a dedicated hotline was operating to assist remote agents and maintain positive customer experience and business continuity.

At the end of this crisis, Serenova will continue its customer-first approach as an advocate for our customers, providing them with the necessary tools to run a successful contact center.  With Serenova’s support, contact centers can rise up to the next challenge with confidence.

To learn more about the CxEngage Rapid Response program, click here or contact us now