Last month, we shared the tremendous momentum that our cloud-based conferencing service has gained since its launch two years ago. Cloud solutions and services have gained enormous traction as workforces become more mobile and globally distributed, and it’s this market trend that led us to reinvent Lifesize as a cloud-first company. Earlier this year, we ended our sale of on-premise infrastructure to focus fully on our industry-leading cloud service and conference room systems, which has rapidly accelerated our growth. With 4,500 paying customer accounts around the world, we’ve distinguished ourselves immeasurably from traditional players who remain confined by on-premise technology offerings. Yet we also find ourselves defensibly different from our cloud-based video conferencing competitors.


At Lifesize, we recognize that conference room technologies remain integral to collaboration for the average organization. For many organizations, the conference room is the anchor of the meeting experience, with remote participants connecting virtually as needed. We’ve seen this time after time. In fact, 75% of Lifesize customers pair conference room cameras to our cloud service. Clearly, the conference room still matters.

That’s why we provide a hybrid approach to video conferencing that allows customers to benefit from Lifesize’s award-winning cloud service and conference room systems

Lifesize’s unique combination of hardware and software enables a collaborative experience that meets the needs of the remote worker as well as the conference room,classroom or auditorium participant. Frankly, that’s something our cloud competitors aren’t able to match.

Lifesize has more than a decade of experience in building and perfecting conference room devices, and while we’ve moved away from traditional on-premise solutions, we see our conference room systems as a vital companion to our cloud service. Organizations shouldn’t need to sacrifice the conference room in a cloud-based world; in our experience, the two can be paired flawlessly.