The Right Approach: A Channel Partner Program Update

While getting ready to close out one year and plan for the next, there’s nothing like reflecting back on annual accomplishments to put things into perspective. As the SVP of Global Platform Sales at LiveOps, it is my responsibility to ensure the success and growth of our Channel Partner Program, which was launched in January 2013.  As we are currently tracking to see 50 percent year-over-year growth and having won the 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Channel Program Excellence Award, I’m proud to say that our team has been taking the right approach to partnering with companies that share our vision of creating positive customer experiences. If you’re interested in partnering with LiveOps, here’s what you can expect.

We Take “Birds Of A Feather” To Heart

We don’t just partner with any organization. We identify those that share our vision of providing brands with the right people and technology to create better customer experiences. Together, we are focused on making a positive impact in the industry. This year, we welcomed many notable new partners that do just that, including Bluewolf, Telesphere, Intelisys and Mitel.

Our partners are independent organizations that are looking to address one of the most critical aspects of the sales pipeline – the customer experience. The common thread among all partners is the desire to find solutions that have a global reach to enhance the customer experience of sales pipelines and reseller programs.

We Go Where Our Partners Are

We’re proud to offer a global program with regional offices in the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Australia, helping our partners reach their sales objectives both nationally and worldwide.

In addition to looking outside the boundaries of our headquarters in California, we also hosted our first annual Partner Conference in September in New Orleans. This conference was dedicated to educating our channel partners on how to shift their business – and that of their customers – to a symbiotic strategy that helps companies leverage LiveOps technology enabled customer service into their portfolio.

We’re A Flexible Partner

Much like personalizing customer experiences to suit each individual’s needs, we don’t just provide organizations with a cookie cutter partner program. We are flexible with our service provider channel program to allow our partners to brand, market and sell the product as if it was their own. This allows service provider partners the ability to modify the LiveOps product to suit their specific needs. We will then help articulate their message, provide web-based quoting and create a partner portal that has all the LiveOps content and sales tools embedded within. We even have the ability to work with our partners to develop marketing campaigns to drum up demand. All the partner has to do is to supply a customer list.

What path are we heading down in 2015? Expect more innovations on WebRTC, contextual routing and customer experience management breakthroughs. You’ll just have to partner up to find out.