Modern contact center agents make up a workforce that is unlike any before, so it’s not surprising that old engagement tactics don’t work anymore. The hard truth is disengaged agents either quit and leave or quit and stay. This is bad news for contact centers with disengaged employees since the battle to deliver good customer service is usually fought by a company’s frontline: its contact center agents.

In the on-demand webinar, Happy Agents Make for Happy Customers, contact center guru Jaden Mecham identifies the top five roadblocks to contact center agents delivering an excellent customer experience. He presents tangible ideas to help you break through those roadblocks and improve organizational effectiveness. You’ll learn:

  • What makes today’s contact center agents different from any other generation and how to meet their needs
  • The top five most common obstacles to happy contact center agents and how to get around them
  • How to improve organizational effectiveness by managing agent engagement to accomplish company goals

Here’s a peek of three thought-provoking takeaways you can expect from the webinar:

  1. There’s science behind employee engagement.

Employees don’t have to be doing the most exciting task to be engaged. They just need to be in flow.  According to Psychology Today, flow is when a person is engaged in an achievable task with a clear goal, receives immediate feedback, moves without worry, has a sense of control, and temporarily loses a sense of time. That’s the magic contact centers should be helping agents achieve.

  1. Not only do customers expect a better experience, employees do too.

In an age of self-help, life coaches, motivational podcasts and avocado toast, people are reaching for a better life experience. Customers aren’t the only people expecting more from companies. Employees are too. The webinar will share how to keep your employees feeling like they are living their best life in the workplace.

  1. A vision without a strategy is truly just an illusion.

In order to realize your call center goals and have the most skilled workforce possible, you need the best tools and strategies available. For call centers, a performance management solution can transform a team from good to great!

Performance management solutions like CxEngage Scoreboard can help your workforce:

  • Feel a sense of ownership and control over the customer experience they are delivering
  • Course-correct in real-time
  • Stay engaged and attentive to customers
  • Increase productivity and decrease hold times (nobody likes being on hold)

To learn more and hear the entire webinar on-demand, click here.