At Lifesize, we pride ourselves in our culture of customer-obsession as well as the internal workplace culture that has developed and flourished through our employees. That’s why we’re delighted to announce today that Lifesize has been named a winner of the Top Workplaces Award by the Austin American-Statesman for a third year!

As part of our culture of excellence at Lifesize, we focus on not only what gets done but how it gets done. Our goal is to cultivate a collaborative environment where our team members can excel beyond their expectations to provide opportunities for them to build on their strengths and to ensure they have plenty of fun along the way! And our guide for how we create that culture, as well as how we make business decisions, is driven by four key values:

  • Act with Integrity and Authenticity
  • Lead with Customer Obsession
  • Drive Relentless Innovation
  • Make Every Day Matter

As a leader in the meeting and collaboration industry, it’s only appropriate that we foster a culture of internal collaboration and sharing among our Lifesizers. Our Global Culture Crew act as ambassadors across the business to share our core vision and values and help to ensure those values are met and acted upon to create a positive work experience so that new employees want to join us and current employees want to stay. In fact, we’re proud to say Lifesize counts several team members who have been with the company for more than a decade!

Because we also want to take time to recognize those individuals or teams who have demonstrated excellence in our core values, our offices hold regular Town Hall meetings every three weeks. It’s a great opportunity to recognize our Lifesizers for their achievements in an open group setting and to spend some quality time together away from our desks while we enjoy some good food and drinks.

While our Lifesize team has grown substantially in size, we’ve never lost our entrepreneurial spirit or dismissed the importance of celebrating the people who’ve worked so hard to help us succeed. We want to thank all of our Lifesizers for their contributions to this company and culture as we continue our journey to becoming one of the best workplaces and technology companies in America and beyond.

Come join our team! We have open positions in Austin and our offices around the globe.