Last month our team was able to attend the Twilio Signal conference in San Francisco. What was particularly exciting for us this year was the HUGE buzz at the conference around building contact centers on Twilio, which was spurred by Jeff Lawson’s comments during the General Sessions.

Jeff, always a dynamic presenter, voiced an evolution we are starting to see pick up steam. With aging infrastructure and globalization of operations combined with constrained budgets, organizations are struggling to keep pace with the level of customer service and human touch now required by their customers. The result, demand for cloud services like communications and contact centers is hitting an acceleration point.

From the ability to securely handle trillions of transactions a month to the need for scalability to support organizations of any size, at any time to the requirement for lower total cost of ownership, the cloud is proving itself the smartest option for organizations to modernize their contact centers.

We’ve partnered with Twilio for years now as we know they are on the leading edge of changing how businesses communicate. Twilio provides the communication building blocks that are disrupting the call center industry. Combine Twilio with our next-generation contact center platform, CxEngage, and customers no longer have to imagine the contact center of the future…it’s here!

Even better, call centers no longer need a physical phone to interact with customers. By utilizing Twilio, Serenova customers can simply make and take calls through their web browser, which reduces costs and improves the agent experience and productivity. Eliminating old, on-premises hardware means you no longer have to worry about the technology and can simply deliver a great customer experience on the customer’s channel of choice – whether it be voice, SMS, chat, email or social media.

Check out the videos of Jeff Lawson’s talks at Signal. If you have questions on how Serenova works with Twilio, reach out to us and we will walk you through it.

Signal Day 1:

Signal Day 2: