WebRTC is a relatively new technology that brings video calling capabilities to the web browser. This enables new opportunities and use cases to be realized but also changes traditional markets such as video conferencing.

Video conferencing in business is in a transition from on-premises, device-based solutions toward a hybrid, virtualized service. While video network infrastructure is slowly moving toward the cloud, little has been done on the client side. WebRTC will change that, introducing huge benefits if implemented correctly.

We recently partnered with Tsahi Levent-Levi of BlogGeek.me on a new white paper, Video Conferencing Meets WebRTC. Inside the white paper, he describes:

  • How WebRTC is transforming video and web conferencing
  • The advantages this technology can bring to your solution
  • Best practices for making WebRTC an “Equal Citizen” in your network

It’s important to remember that WebRTC is just a technology. The solutions built on top of it determine just how powerful the technology can be.