At Lifesize, Customer Obsession is the foundation of our business and one of our four core company values. We dedicate ourselves to honoring the commitments we make to our customers, and we work as one team to create ever-greater value for our users.

I’m often asked to explain the difference between “customer service” and “customer obsession.” Here’s my simple answer:

What Is Customer Obsession?

Customer Obsession means consistently listening to customers to enhance and improve the customer experience. Customer obsession requires a complete shift in the way a business thinks about customer relationships, while customer service is simply a function of operating a business.


We live Customer Obsession every day through these guiding principles:

  • Serve our customers, help our coworkers, do our job
  • Deliver the most compelling customer experience with CX analytics
  • Exceed the expectations of our customers every day
  • Achieve customer success through exceptional service

At the heart of our world-class support offering is our people. We have staffed our global support team with skilled technical support engineers who are experts on our products and dedicated to helping our customers stay connected. Working alongside them is our talented team of Customer Success Advocates who are responsible for ensuring that our customers get the most value out of their solution. They are with you during onboarding and continue with you throughout the duration of our relationship, making sure we always provide you with the best possible service and earn your business for life.

Extreme Support

One of the biggest differences between a consumer-grade and an enterprise-class video conferencing service is the availability of support. Whether you’re in a sales meeting with a potential new customer or just updating your team on the progress of a project, you depend on reliable service and, should something go wrong, you need someone to call who can help you resolve it. Our Extreme Support team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — really accessible. Customers can chat, email, call, submit an online request and ask questions in our online community. They get priority access to our support team, a one-hour meaningful response time (from one of our skilled engineers) and access to special community groups. Extreme Support and the Customer Success Advocate program are included in our Enterprise Subscription Plan and available as an add-on in our Premium Subscription Plan.

Our Reliability SLA

The newest addition to our Extreme Support offering is a financially backed Service Level Agreement. The SLA covers the connectivity and availability of our cloud-based service for customers to sign in and initiate a video call, and it promises that there will be less than 0.1 percent unplanned downtime per month. Check out the Lifesize Extreme Support Service Level Agreement to learn more.

Your relationship with the Lifesize Customer Obsession Team starts the moment you join our Lifesize family and stays with you … well, for as long as you are a customer (which we hope will be forever). We’re here to help with onboarding — we specialize in video conferencing adoption — and we check in periodically just to make sure your expectations are exceeded. We share updates on releases, new features, user trends, best practices and anything else that can help you make the most of your investment. It is our pleasure to serve you and our job to ensure that your Lifesize experience is the best every day.

That’s Customer Obsession.

Five Reasons Businesses Need Video Conferencing

The search for a reliable communication solution with a built-in service level agreement and 24x7x365 support is just one of the reasons businesses look to Lifesize to solve their collaboration challenges. Check out our guide to the Top 5 Advantages and Benefits of Video Conferencing, to learn more about how Lifesize can change the way you do business for the better.