Today, we announced Serenova’s acquisition of the ProScheduler workforce management (WFM) technology from Loxysoft. This acquisition is an exciting and positive development in Serenova’s 18-year legacy of leading the way in cloud-based contact center innovation. I want to share with you my personal perspective on how it will deliver value to the markets we serve, as well as our stakeholders, including customers, partners and employees.

Delivering on Our Promise to Continually Innovate and Rise to Meet Market Needs

We’ve seen a consistently growing need for a combined CCaaS and workforce optimization solution set. The addition of ProScheduler to Serenova’s robust portfolio of contact center solutions represents the right combination of product, technology and talent to fit our vision while meeting market need—a win for all.

We’ll soon be leveraging the cutting-edge ProScheduler technology to take our CxEngage platform to the next level. By combining Serenova’s CCaaS with intelligent, native WFM, we will offer a new and innovative way for contact centers to ensure the right staffing, at the right time, for optimal cost efficiencies and customer experience.

This kind of integration is necessary. And it’s what’s next.

In fact, the Forrester Wave™: Cloud Contact Centers stated that “Forrester believes that natively integrated WFO technologies—such as workforce management software(WFM), quality monitoring, call recording, performance management, and text and speech analytics—provide immediate benefits and lay the groundwork for contact centers to evolve strategically.”

Welcome to the Evolution

With this acquisition, Serenova is once again redefining the evolution of the contact center to help our customers keep pace with consumers’ growing expectations. By providing tools that deepen the capabilities of supervisors to manage their organizations, we are expanding the meaning and scope of what a cloud contact center platform should be capable of delivering.

We’ve long believed that the most important next step for the contact center to deliver on the promise of superior customer experiences is to provide the technology and tools that transform the contact center from exclusively an operational focus to also encompass a human resource perspective. Together, Serenova’s integrated solution will enable organizations to significantly improve their key performance indicators (KPIs) by enhancing employee engagement, efficiency and satisfaction—critical components to the contact center’s ability to drive business growth.

ProScheduler, the flagship WFM platform from Loxysoft, is a user-friendly solution with forecasting, scheduler optimization and reporting systems built in. Consistent with our culture of developing technology based on identifying and meeting market need, ProScheduler is built on more than 20 years of customer requirements and feedback.

Rolling out Serenova’s New Workforce Optimization Portfolio with ProScheduler

This is our second acquisition to build out our WFO line. We first acquired TelStrat in 2017 and subsequently released our first product on that technology, which integrates CxEngage into CxEngage Quality Management (CxQM). Already an award-winning product, CxQM provides accurate, actionable data so our customers can measure agent performance, provide feedback, and enable one-on-one coaching—all to enhance overall contact center performance. By unifying Quality Management with CCaaS, it eliminates the challenges created by siloed solutions with a consolidated, 360-view of customer and agent interactions.

ProScheduler will immediately become part of Serenova’s contact center portfolio and will be integrated into the CxEngage platform in the first half of 2020.  We will continue to offer and remain committed to our current WFO software and WFM partners, including Calabrio, Verint and Teleopti. We see these partnerships as critical to providing our customers with the freedom to choose the best solutions to address their specific business needs.

 Innovative Technology + Exceptional People = Continued Growth

This acquisition is personally rewarding for me because it reflects Serenova’s long history of growth powered by innovation and the extraordinary people behind it. Nearly every day, I hear from our customers that our people and our commitment to service is a critical factor in setting us apart. Through the acquisition, we will welcome Loxysoft’s experienced ProScheduler team to the Serenova family. I’m gratified to lead this entire Serenova team through continued successful growth and milestones.

For more information on Lifesize’s WFO portfolio, visit our product page. To understand how leveraging solutions such as Quality Management can pinpoint areas for improvement and position your organization to deliver outstanding customer experiences, download the whitepaper Quality Management and Your Contact Center.