A cart piled high with input adapters appears to stroll almost aimlessly down the hallway. It stops suddenly as the cart’s conductor retrieves a handful of its contents. He checks his haul one last time before making his way into a nearby conference room. 

The automated lights flicker on, having not seen the motion of human activity for hours. A fistful of dongles lays strewn about the meeting room table. All the usual suspects are present: VGA to HDMI, HDMI to Thunderbolt, 3-in-1 USB-C to HDMI/DVI/VGA. The conductor reaches for a pair of well-worn, insulated, diagonal-cutting wire cutters and a one-foot length of 3,000-pound braided cable. Perhaps a bit of overkill for this type of job, but the conductor knows the need others have for these adapters and that, when left untethered, a $75 piece of plastic and silicon has a tendency to up and vanish.

He begins the delicate procedure of threading the braided cabling around the adapter and cinches it closed. This is the hardest part. This is where everything could go wrong. He knows the tolerances are narrow. Too tight and you risk damaging the aforementioned luxury connector. Too loose and — well, I suppose locks only serve to keep out the honest ones anyway. He repeats the procedure for each of the remaining adapters, packs up his tools and sets his course for the next available room. 

The life of the IT helpdesk manager is full of unique challenges. From monitoring and fixing network issues to deploying software licenses to formatting and reformatting Carol in HR’s PC — I guess it should come as no surprise that he’d also be the one conducting meeting room adapter installations too. Well, maybe not for much longer. Where we’re going with Lifesize Share™, we don’t need cords.

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Lifesize Share platform adds new meeting room automation, whiteboard capture and digital signage enhancements.
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