Advanced settings

Configure settings for your Lifesize account from the admin console. Click your profile name in the upper right, then choose Advanced Settings.


The Profile tab shows details of your company’s Lifesize subscription. You can edit account and personal details, including your password and email address. Changing the language in the Personal section changes the language in your admin console view only.

Single sign-on

For information on configuring single sign-on (SSO), see Single sign-on.

Features and Options

Manage global settings for your Lifesize account from the Features and Options tab. Any changes you make here apply to your entire Lifesize group.

  • Group language: Choose the language in the interface for the entire group.
  • Phone Numbers: Select a main number and up to two optional phone numbers to appear in email and calendar invitations and on the Call Me page for guest users. If you do not make a selection for the main number, the US phone number is displayed by default. The main number also appears in My Profile in the Lifesize app and the My Info screen in Lifesize Icons and Lifesize Phones. Watch the following video for more information on adding custom numbers to emails and invites.
  • Record and Share: Allows recording of calls, meetings and Live Stream events. Specify whether users can share call and meeting recordings outside of the group. The meeting or recording owner determines the audience within the Lifesize group. Go to the Dashboard to see available recording hours which are based on your subscription plan. Note: Enabling of public sharing in Record and Share does not include public sharing of Live Stream events. For more information, see Manage Live Stream.
  • Features: Enable Chat allows users to chat any time.
  • Enable Lifesize Icon Event Alerts: Enter an email address to enable Lifesize to send system event alerts. You can specify a user email address or a dedicated account set up specifically for receiving alerts. You might also consider sending the alerts directly to your issue ticketing system.
  • Layouts: Choose default screen layouts used for all calls and meetings.
  • Icon Custom Backgrounds: Choose the background you prefer for your Lifesize Icons or select No Background. If you prefer a custom background image instead of the default Lifesize image, browse to the image file of your choosing and upload the image. The image file must be in PNG format and no larger than 5 MB. For more details, see Customize your Lifesize Icon systems.
  • Domains Filter: Limits the domains for new users.


The Network tab details the IP addresses and locations the Lifesize cloud-based service uses.

Set the Gateway Tunneling Bit Rate to the maximum kb/s for calls.

Downloads for extensions are available on the Advanced Settings > Network tab.

  • Windows Installation Package
  • Lifesize Google Chrome Extension
  • Lifesize Microsoft Outlook Add-In