Polycom RealPresence Group Series 500

  1. Enter the IP Address of the device in your browser. Enter your username and password.
  2. Navigate to Admin Settings > Network > IP Network.
  1. Configure the following:
  • Enable IP H.323.
  • Enter the H.323 Name. This is the extension of the device.
  • Enter the H.323 Extension. This is the extension of the device.
  • Select Specify for Use Gatekeeper field.
  • Enable Authentication and enter the extension in the User Name field.
  • Enter the Gatekeeper IP Address in the Primary Gatekeeper IP Address field.
  • Expand the Firewall section, and then enable H.460 Firewall Traversal.

  1. Click Save.

Configure LDAP

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Servers > Directory Servers.


  1. Configure the following:
  • Select LDAP for the Server Type.
  • Enter ldapexport.lifesizecloud.com as the Server Address. 
  • Enter the Server Port.
  • Enter the Base DN (Distinguished Name). For example, 0=cloud, dc=lifesize, dc=com.
  • Enter the Multitiered Default Group DN.
  • Select Basic as the Authentication Type.
  • Enter the Bind DN (Distinguished Name). For example, uid=<extension>.
  • Enter a Password.
  1. Click Save