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Home Page Overview

home-rain Home: Your home dashboard is your starting screen when you log in. Access your favorites, view missed call notifications, recent meetings, or quickly make a call from this page.

video-rain Call: Call a contact or Lifesize Dash room, or join a meeting.

schedule Schedule: Invite participants to join you on Lifesize.

schedule Upcoming: Connect your Google and/or Office 365® calendar and see all of your meetings with Lifesize call links for the next seven days. Click the meeting and easily join or schedule new meetings.

chat-rain Chat: Send a quick chat to start a conversation with one person or a group of people. View missed chat notifications, your contact, or meeting chat history.

avatar-person Contacts: An alphabetized, filterable contact directory to which you can add personal contacts.

avatar-roomsystem Room Systems: An alphabetized, filterable directory of your connected Lifesize Dash room kit solutions. Make a video call, schedule a meeting, or view calling details for a specific Dash room.

avatar-meeting Meetings: Meetings are cloud-based meeting rooms and are available 24/7. Schedule a meeting or view calling details for your meeting.

avatar Settings: Set your video and audio preferences, language, presence status, view your personal calling details and sign out. You can also access the Admin Console to manage your account. 

call-missed Recents: View a list of your recently attended meetings, missed, or ignored calls. Restart a meeting or remove a recent activity by hovering over the item to see additional menu options.

favorite Favorites: A list of your favorites displays here. Tag any contact, meeting, or room system as a favorite for quick and easy access. Start a meeting or remove a favorite from your list by hovering over the item to see additional menu options.


Invite participants to join you on Lifesize

  1. Click schedule Schedule on the Home page. 
  2. Under Where should the participants call? start typing the name of the contact, meeting, or room system in your directory or you can select one of the following:
    • New one-time meeting to create a single-use, private meeting.
    • Call me directly if you want to schedule an invitation to call your Lifesize extension.
  3. Select how you want to share the invitation from the following:
    • email Email to send a calendar invitation from your default desktop email application.
    • schedule Calendar to send an invitation to a calendar application. This opens your default calendar application to create the event. 
      NOTE: The Lifesize web app downloads a calendar file that you need to open in order to add it to your calendar.
    • clipboard Clipboard to copy the full email invitation to your clipboard (for example, if you want to save the invitation to use later).
    • Select Copy next to the meeting link to copy only the link.
  4. Invitees click the meeting link in their invitation to join the meeting.


Add a contact

Only contacts with a Lifesize account (free or paid) can be added for calling.

Add a contact

  1. On the avatar-person Contacts page, click Add a Contact.
  2. Enter the name and calling details (Lifesize video address:
  3. Click Save.

Click the star favorite to add the contact to your Favorites. Your favorites appear at the top of your contacts list.

Once a contact has been added, you can view and edit the contact's details. or delete the contact.


Call a contact or Lifesize Dash room, or join a meeting

  1. Click video-rain Call on the Home page. 
  2. Select how you want to call from the following options:
    • Type the contact name or Lifesize extension
    • Call into a one-time meeting
    • Select a contact name from the list
    • Enter the calling details for someone not in your directory
  3. Once you have started the call, there are several actions you can take: 
    • mic Turn microphone on or off mic-off-red
    • video Turn camera on or off video-off
    • share-screen Share screen or presentation
    • end-call Leave the meeting
    • kebab  Access dial pad
    • incall-add-ch Add a participant
    • info View call details
    • meeting-ch View participant list
    •  Change camera and audio sources
    • back Return to Home screen, which allows you to schedule a meeting without leaving the call


Manage your free Lifesize account

Click avatar on the Home page and then click Admin Console.


home-ch Dashboard provides an account summary, graphs and data for your account. Dashboard data is displayed based on the time period option that is selected.

contact-profile Users: View user information or click Invite to add users.

 Room Systems: Unpair or delete Lifesize Dash rooms.

meeting-ch Meetings: Edit meeting details or delete. You can also create a new, one-time meeting.

 Account Settings

  • General settings: Configure default language, meeting invitation information, meeting layout and chat integration.
  • Account details: View details about your Lifesize account.
  • Downloads: Download the Lifesize desktop app, Lifesize Google Chrome™ Extension and Lifesize Microsoft® Outlook® Add-in.

NOTE: If you need to configure your firewall, see firewall information and network settings.


Got questions?

Check out the Getting Started video.

Please visit Lifesize Community to ask questions, view articles and engage with other users.