Make a call

  1. Click video-rain Call on the Home page.
  2. Start typing and select the contact name from the list, or enter the calling details for someone not in your directory using any of the following formats:
    • IP address (IPv4 or IPv6)
    • IP address and extension 
    • Video address 
    • Lifesize extension 
  3. Click video-rain  Start with Camera On or audio-call-rain Start with Camera Off. If you start a call with video off, you can turn video on after you join the call.

NOTE: Click Camera and audio check to verify that your microphone and camera are working properly. 

NOTE: When starting up the Lifesize web app using Google Chrome, make sure Chrome has not blocked your camera and microphone. Chrome requires that it has permission to use a site’s media, such as for video conferencing. Lifesize prompts you to allow these settings when you first log into the Lifesize app using Chrome. Refer to this Google article for information about these settings.


Learn how to create a contact.

If you are not a member of a Lifesize group, learn how to call as a guest.

Watch the following video for more information on how to make a call using the Lifesize app.