In-call activities

Any user participating in a call or meeting has specific controls available. The controls depend on the type of participant in the call: registered user, guest, or moderator. The controls available to you appear in the control panel at the bottom and the buttons on the right side of the In-Call window.


Registered User

A registered user can use the following in-call controls. NOTE: When in a moderated meeting, the moderator has complete control of in-call functions.

  • mic Turn microphone on or off mic-off-red
  • video Turn camera on or off video-off
  • share-screen Share screen or presentation
  • record Start recording (if recording is enabled)
  • end-call Leave the meeting
  • kebab  Access dial pad
  • incall-add-ch Add a participant
  • info View call details
  • meeting-ch View participant list  ( Meeting is locked)
  •  chat-ch Chat (you will only see this button when you are in a meeting)
  •  Change camera and audio sources
  • back Return to Home screen, which allows you to chat or schedule a meeting without leaving the call


A guest calling into a meeting has the following controls:
  • mic Turn microphone on and off mic-off-red
  • video Turn camera on and off video-off (not available with audio-only call)
  • end-call Leave the call or presentation
  • meeting-ch View participant list  ( Meeting is locked)
  •  chat-ch Chat (you will only see this button when you are in a permanent meeting that is not protected by a passcode, and you will only have access to messages sent after you have joined)
  • share-screen Share screen
  •  More Options
    • Help
    • Settings for video and audio
    • Picture-in-Picture on or off


Admins and superusers get automatic moderator controls when joining any meeting in their account.

Moderators have all of the controls that users have. When in a moderated meeting, moderator controls take precedence over user controls. Moderators have the following additional controls from the Participant list:

  • end-call Remove a participant from the call
  • end-call End the call for all participants
  • mic-off-red Mute and mic unmute microphone for individual participants in the call
  • mic-off-rain Mute All and mic-rain Unmute All microphone for all participants in the call

    NOTE: Moderators see a red mic-off-red slash microphone for participants who have muted themselves and see a gray mic-off-ch slash microphone for participants who have been muted by the moderator. After a moderator unmutes a participant, the participant returns to the previous state (muted or unmuted). If a moderator leaves a meeting, and it is still running, any mute restrictions the moderator placed on users lifts and participants mute status returns to how it was before the moderator muted them.

  • share-screen Stop an individual participant's presentation
  •  Lock or Unlock meeting

    NOTE: When a meeting is locked, only the moderator can invite participants or allow incoming callers to join (callers will see a message that the meeting is locked and to contact the meeting organizer). If the moderator leaves the meeting, then the meeting will be unlocked.


Moderator Controls Best Practices

  • If the room system is the moderator, you will not have moderator controls for muting all or individual users since this is only available from the app currently.
  • We recommend assigning someone as the moderator who is not presenting so that they can control the mute settings without distracting the presenter.
  • If you have a user in the room who is logged in as the moderator and are using a room system, make sure the moderator turns their microphone off before entering the room so you do not have two live mics. Additionally, if you choose to mute all, be sure to then unmute the room system device if the presenter is speaking. If you choose to unmute all, make sure to remute the moderator's microphone so you don't have two live mics in the room.

Watch the following video for more information on using Moderator Controls.