One-time meetings

One-time meetings are a single-use, private meeting space that are not included in the global Meetings directory and are intended for non-recurring events. Meetings expire 24 hours after the meeting begins. 

Key benefits of one-time meetings

  • Non-recurring: Meet one-time in a single-use space that is fit for your non-recurring events.
  • Private: Hide your meetings from your global directory and control who and when participants can join.
  • Quick: Jump into an ad-hoc meeting quickly without all the setup of creating a new meeting space.

EARLY ACCESS: Scheduling one-time meetings is an add-on feature that will fully release later this year. Customers can opt-in to schedule one-time meetings in the Outlook Add-in during the early access period at no additional charge. Contact your Lifesize representative to enable this feature for your account.

To schedule a one-time meeting from the Lifesize Outlook add-in:

  1. On your Outlook Home ribbon, click the buddy icon buddy word or select Schedule Meeting > Schedule one-time meeting to quickly create a meeting invitation. The one-time meeting room extension is automatically generated and you are set as the meeting owner. NOTE: You must be logged into an account with one-time meeting enabled in order to see the one-time meeting option.
  2. Enter the email addresses for your meeting invitees.
  3. Click Send.

One-time meetings in the Lifesize app

One-time meetings are only visible to the moderator and the meeting owner in the Lifesize app. You can view, edit, or join a one-time meeting from your Meetings directory. An hourglass icon represents one-time meetings in the Meetings directory. Recently attended one-time meetings also appear in your Recent list.

NOTE: Chat is currently not available in one-time meetings.