One-time meetings

One-time meetings are a single-use, private meeting space that are not included in the global Meetings directory and are intended for non-recurring events. Meetings expire 24 hours after the meeting begins. 

Key benefits of one-time meetings

  • Non-recurring: Meet one-time in a single-use space that is fit for your non-recurring events.
  • Private: Hide your meetings from your global directory and control who and when participants can join.
  • Quick: Jump into an ad-hoc meeting quickly without all the setup of creating a new meeting space.

To schedule a one-time meeting from the Lifesize app:

  1. Log in to your Lifesize app and click Schedule.
  2. Under Where should the participants call? select One-time meeting to create a single-use, private meeting.
  3. Enter a meeting name.
  4. Type or select a meeting Moderator.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select how you want to share the invitation from the following:
    • email Email to send a calendar invitation from your default desktop email application.
    • schedule Calendar to send an invitation to a calendar application. This opens your default calendar application to create the event.
      NOTE: The Lifesize web app downloads a calendar file that you need to open in order to add it to your calendar.
    • clipboard Clipboard to copy the full email invitation to your clipboard (for example, if you want to save the invitation to use later).
    • Copy next to the meeting link to copy only the link.
  7. Invitees click the meeting link in their invitation to join the meeting.

To schedule a one-time meeting from the Lifesize Outlook add-in, see Schedule meetings from Microsoft Outlook


One-time meetings in the Lifesize app

One-time meetings are only visible to the moderator and the meeting owner in the Lifesize app. You can view, edit, or join a one-time meeting from your Meetings directory. An hourglass icon represents one-time meetings in the Meetings directory. Recently attended one-time meetings also appear in your Recent list.

NOTE: Chat is currently not available in one-time meetings.