Start a call

To make a call as a guest:

  1. Tap I'm a guest on the log in screen.
  2. Type your name and the extension number of the person or meeting. 
  3. Tap Join

To make a call as a registered user:

  1. Tap Sign In on the log in screen.
  2. Type your email address and then tap Next
  3. Optional: If you use an SSO, follow the sign on prompts.
  4. Tap video-rain Call. Start typing and select the contact name from the list, or enter the calling details for someone not in your directory. You can also select from your favorites, meetings, and active meetings. 

To make a non-video call:

  • While in a video call, swipe right to change to Listen-only Mode.
  • From the Directory, tap a name to open the calling card and then tap the Phone number to dial using your phone's dialing out capability.