In-call activities

While you are in a call, you can:

  • mic Turn microphone on or off mic-off-red
  • video Turn camera on or off video-off 
  •  Leave meeting
  • share-screen Share content
  • Tap  in the lower right-hand corner to access more tasks:
    • incall-add-ch Add participant
    • meeting-ch View list of meeting participants
    • info View meeting information
    • chat-ch Meeting chat 
    • manual-dial Dial pad
    • record
      Start recording (if recording is enabled)
  • Pinch to zoom in on a video or content
  • Swipe to change to Listen-only Mode. Anytime you are in a call, you can decide to participate in Listen-only Mode.
    • Swipe to the right and your camera and microphone automatically turn off.
    • Tap mic-off-ch to speak. Tap again to mute.
    • You can also hang up the call while in Listen-only Mode by pressing and holding end-call  and tapping Leave meeting.